FOE hosts exclusive Experiences and conferences catered to athletes in the most luxurious places around the world. The FOE Sports Family has an international network that provides you with access to an exclusive group of like-minded people for mutual growth and support. FOE does not follow the conventional conference format. We were bored with the all-day meeting approach with large crowds and forced networking. We did our research and we were not alone. FOE decided to start something new.

We blend learning from industry leaders with luxury life, ensuring each event boasts as much lifestyle as there is learning. Our aim is to balance learning and living in everything we do. Our carefully curated Experiences ensure a natural networking environment where authentic relationships are built in intimate settings. We believe long term meaningful relationships are built while our guests enjoy luxurious experiences such as sailing, golfing, or dining under the stars on a spectacular Caribbean beach.

We look forward to you joining the Family.