"The FOE Sports Experience is one of a kind as I had the ability to connect with like minded individuals not just on a business level, but more importantly I had the pleasure of getting to know them on a personal level.  The panels were insightful, informative, creative and impactful. I can't wait for the next event!"

Jim Jackson
Retired NBA Player / FOX Sports 1 Analyst

“The FOE Sports experience in Cayman Islands was an awesome experience that exceeded my expectations. I am a business minded guy who is always looking to connect with others who can help me grow and educate me. I wish more athletes would take the time to meet groups like this and enhance their long term success.”

Joique Bell
NFL Player - Detroit Lions


"I never thought a business trip could be such an enjoyable experience but that's how they hooked it up in Cayman at FOE Sports. Now I'm prepared for round two!"

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 
NFL Player - New York Giants

“Chris is both professional and charismatic. He sets the tone for participant engagement at FOE Sports.”

Charles Smith
Retired NBA Player

“My time in New York attending the FOE Sports experience was truly impactful. I went into it with no expectations, the only thing I was hoping to gain from it if anything was knowledge. I got that and then some. Everyone who was attending the event were from so many different stages of life including myself, and we were all there for one common cause, to educate the next person. Hopefully whoever was listening was able to take something with them and apply that to there life. I’ll say it was a true honor and blessing to be apart of a class A event such as this where everyone who had their hands in it knew what they were doing to say the least. Just wanna say thank you and God bless.“

Jon Jenkins
NFL Player - Chicago Bears

"The FOE Sports Event that I attended in New York was life changing!  I was able to meet and connect with leaders in a range of different industries.  The insights that I gleaned from casual conversation and panel discussions was second to none. The focus on impacting giving and legacy building was refreshing!  Thank you Christopher for this opportunity!"  

James Butler
Retired NBA Player / Business Owner

“Thank you for the opportunity to expand my brand. The FOE Sports Experience transformed into a great business opportunity for me. I look forward to joining you along this journey and bringing other athletes along.“

Darrel Young
Retired NFL Player (Washington Redskins and the Carolina Panthers)

"The FOE Sports conference is a true kick starter for athletes and entertainers who are seeking information on establishing generational wealth from the most successful family offices in the world.  This is the first conference of its kind that embraces the athletes journey and uses it to establish a lasting legacy."

Charles Way
Retired NFL Player / Business Owner